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SP 3: Starch quality and drought tolerance of malting barley

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Martina Gastl
Scientific staff: Stefan Hör

The aim of the project is the analytical investigation of the environmentally induced changes in the starch structure of malting barley due to the climate change. It is aspired on the one hand to better understand the influences of the growing conditions caused by abiotic stress factors on the starch synthesis of barley at the molecular level, and on the other hand to analytically characterize the effects of the resulting structural characteristics of starch as well as to decipher effects on the processing quality in malthouses and breweries. This should ensure the identification of breeding approaches which enable the sustainable breeding and production of high-quality malting barley respectively guarantee the gelatinization of starch under the changed environmental conditions. The gained knowledge will serve Bavarian malting barley breeders in particular, but also farmers for the selection of varieties and locations as well as malthouses and breweries likewise in order to provide varieties for the processing chain which are climate change-adapted and stress-resistant.

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