Goals of the project network

Consequences of climate change have become omnipresent in Bavaria. The past years have shown that crop plants are exposed to extreme stress caused by changing environmental conditions. Once we understand the molecular mechanisms which plants are using to adapt to abiotic stress such as flooding, cold, drought or heat, efficient strategies can be developed to improve their capacity for resistance or tolerance. Any emerging measures will be in direct line with the actions proposed by the Bavarian climate adaption strategy (BayKLAS). The results of the research studies will make regional crop plants more robust to extreme weather events and will ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly plant production.

Objective of the project network is work rather efficient using synergies between the different projects. Hence project cooperation is based on content and methodology approaches will be established. This will provide essential impulses for potential breeding adaptations for crop plants to climate change under protection of scarce resources (e.g. water, nutrient, soil).