Project 1


SP1: Coordination of the project network "BayKlimaFit - Strategies for the adaptation of crop plants to climate change"

copyright: StMUV
Team SP1 and SP2; Photo: Tom Freudenberg

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Chris-Carolin Schön

Description: The objective of the coordination project is to optimize the research for the adaptation of plants to climate change in Bavaria within the project network BayKlimaFit. Taking a lead in central tasks such as administrative control and a concentrated public relation work will support the project leader in their subprojects. Furthermore, a thorough and intensive cooperation with all subprojects managers will ensure an optimal network across the subprojects in terms of content and technology.

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Photo: Dr. Herz
Photo: Chair of Plant Breeding
Photo: Chair of Plant Breeding
Photo: Prof. Mustroph